Economic Development

Whether you are looking for assistance in supporting your existing business, expanding or locating your business, or opening a new business in Burlington, our staff can help you.

Programs and Attractions

The Burlington Activities and Recreation Department offers a number of programs for the youth and adults of Burlington to partake in. Aside from the various youth sports programs, arts and craft programs, and summer day camps, there are also adult exercise classes, pitch tournaments, and much more to participate in.

The Old Town Museum and Burlington Community and Education Center both draw visitors in from across the State and Nation, for various conferences, trainings, and events. With Old Town's 21 historic buildings, and displays that take visitors back to the Wild West, it is no wonder that Burlington is one of the top tourist locations in the Tri-State Region. Located in Burlington, the world famous Kit Carson County carousel also draws tourists in from all different walks of life, as it is the most recognized carousel in the world!

Services Provided

The City of Burlington provides most utility service to residents and businesses within city limits. Services include water, trash, sewer, and electrical. We know that you will find our utility rates quite comparable to area communities and much more cost effective than larger cities.

As well, the city also offers the most efficient building permit and process you will find in any community. With a $25 fee, your building permit can be picked up, applied for, reviewed and approved through City Hall. For additional information, or to obtain a permit, please contact City Hall staff at 719-346-8652.

More Information

It is our goal to make sure you get your business developed and operating in the City of Burlington. Please let us know what you need to make that happen and how we can help.

For more information on Community and Economic Development in Burlington, please contact our offices at 719-340-0824, or by email.

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