Arranging Service

To set up utility service, customers will need to come to Burlington's City Hall, located on the corner of 15th Street and Senter Avenue. There is a $100 residential meter deposit that is charged with standing good credit and a $20 connect fee to have meters read and the account placed in your name. Commercial deposits are $500 for a small business, $1,000 for a medium business, and $1,500 for a large business, with a $20 connect fee to place the account in the business's name. Sometimes people wonder why they have to pay the connect fee if the lights are already on--we leave utility services connected as a courtesy for property owners to protect against freezing and damage.

When you move out of town or to a new Burlington residence, the deposit will become accessible to you. It will either automatically transfer to your new Burlington residence when you inform us of your move or be applied to your final utility bill. If any credit remains after your final bill, we will return the unused portion to you. Please make sure to provide us with a forwarding address.

If a new account remains in good standing (all payments received on time) for one year, your deposit will be applied to your utility account as payment.