Utility Services

The City of Burlington provides residential and commercial electricity, water, sewer and contracts with an independent provider for trash service.

Natural gas service is provided by Black Hills Energy. Please contact them regarding natural gas service at 888-890-5554.

  1. Commercial Rates
  2. Residential Rates
  3.  Tap Fees


Electricity for small commercial entities is 0.1497 per kWh, plus a $10 minimum monthly charge. Electricity for large commercial entities is 0.0924 kWh plus demand at 9.637 and a $10 minimum monthly charge.


Water is charged at $55.00 per month minimum for the first 5,000 gallons and $2.00 per 1,000 gallons after that.


Sewer service is a flat monthly charge of $20.00.

When You Move In

Don’t assume that we know you are settled in a new residence--please let us know you are here! If you fail to notify us, you may have the unpleasant and unnecessary experience of finding your power is off when you haven’t even received a bill yet, a result of an unpaid bill left by a previous tenant. To spare yourself that unpleasant hassle, let us know you are here. We are happy to help get your utility services started.

When You Move Out

Be sure to let us know when you are leaving your current residence so that we can properly terminate your account. Otherwise, you could be charged for someone else’s utility expense after you have moved. A quick stop in or call lets us know when you are moving and we will do the rest. Be sure to provide a forwarding address for final billing or any deposit refunds you may be due. It is our goal to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Burlington Colorado
  1. Ashley Gutierrez

    Utility Billing Clerk

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