City History


The present-day City of Burlington was established in 1888 as little towns were needed along the Rock Island Railroad track during its construction. Burlington was in the works to become a junction town, however, plans for additional railroad lines didn't materialize.

It is logical to assume that Burlington, Colorado was named by association with the well-known railroad company but this is not the case, as the Burlington Northern Railroad never came through Burlington, Colorado. It is said that several land buyers came to the area of Burlington, Kansas, and Burlington, Iowa, and thus together they insisted the name of the town be Burlington.

The County Seat

In a heated race to determine which town would hold the county seat, Burlington won over Claremont (present-day Stratton) by a vote of 451 to 170. November 5, 1889, Election Day, the Kit Carson County Seat was placed in Burlington. The City of Burlington offered to build and donate to the county a courthouse, which was to be constructed at a cost of $4,500.

The Simple Life

Burlington and Kit Carson County provide "the simple life" and residents enjoy fresh air, wide open spaces, and a safe community for families to play, grow and learn. Local merchants and public officials work hard to ensure we have modern amenities and services for education, commerce, entertainment, and health. We take pride in our community!

Economic History

Agriculture remains the base of the economy in our area today but is becoming more diversified with manufacturing and tourism also contributing to the economic base. We often compete for the top producing county in the state when it comes to corn and wheat. Burlington is an agricultural hub accessible through two highways and a major interstate system providing good accessibility and increased travel through the area.