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City Clerk

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1. Where can I find the City Council agenda?

Home Page FAQ's

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1. How do I contact a city department?
2. Where can I find the answers to my frequently asked questions?

Online Bill Pay

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1. Does it cost anything to sign up for online bill payment?
2. What is Xpress Bill Pay?
3. What payment choices do I have?
4. What will my bill look like online?
5. What other information is available?
6. Do I need to pay my bills from my computer?
7. How do I know the payment went through?
8. Is my information safe?

Smoke Free Businesses

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1. Are all restaurants and bars smoke-free in this ordinance?
2. Can employees smoke in a break room or designated smoking office?
3. Can you smoke on patios and decks outside of a restaurant or bar?
4. How do I get additional signs?
5. What if a customer refuses to stop smoking?
6. What if I choose not to ask customers to stop smoking?
7. Where should signs be posted?

Utility Billing

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1. When is my utility bill due?
2. I have a question about my bill. Who do I contact?